Welcome to our Spot!

Welcome to the official blog spot for RhinestoneDogCollars.net!  
Sweetheart in Black Velvet 191Rhinestone Dog Collars.net was founded in 2001 and has spent the past 14 years proudly serving both the US and abroad with top quality premier hand crafted rhinestone dog and cat collars.

At Rhinestone Dog Collars.net we take a lot of pride in our collars and work very hard to make them beautiful.  We hand create our collars in Conway, Arkansas, USA where our skilled artisans give each item careful attention.  We create our collars from the beginning (the sewing) to end (the application of the rhinestones)!  Each of our gorgeous collars are created using premier top quality crystal glass rhinestones.

Our beautiful designer collars have been seen in Isaac Mizrahi’s NYC Fall Fashion Show, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 & 3, CSI:NY, as well as many TV commercials and charity events, but we’re not just looking to make it on the big screen, we have a mission here at Rhinestone Dog Collars.net and that is to add sparkle to every pet’s life!  Let us help you show your pet how truly special they are!

We’re excited about and looking forward to sharing with you through our blog!



RhinestoneDogCollars.net – you can’t find more bling anywhere!



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